Jay Z & Belafonte: Of Saints & Communists

Posted July 30, 2013 by Carl Finamore

Veteran civil rights activist and world-renowned entertainer Harry Belafonte hit a raw nerve when he suggested Black artists be more outspoken about their besieged communities. “I think one of the great abuses of this modern time,” he observed, “is that
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To the Editor…

To the Editor…

Posted July 30, 2013 by

I’m not sure that it is just management provoking and playing hardball…”We will be prepared for war…” Roxanne Sanchez, president of the local Service Employees International Union, told the board. Unless the agency changes its stance at the negotiation table,
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Is BART Management Provoking a Second Strike?

Posted July 29, 2013 by Randy Shaw

As the August 4 BART strike deadline approaches, the two sides remain far apart. Negotiations resume July 30 after being suspended last week while Thomas Hock, management’s $399,000 negotiator, enjoyed a vacation. Unfortunately for Bay Area residents and businesses, BART
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A Bay Area Plan for Development and Displacement

Posted July 29, 2013 by Gen Fujioka

On July 18 the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) approved a thirty-year “Smart Growth” regional plan. Most notably, the plan seeks to steer the majority of the region’s real estate development into specified
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Talking Spirituality: Put on your Meditation Pants

Posted July 29, 2013 by Natalie Grigson

You know what I love about my buddy, Deepak, and my girl, Oprah? They have decided to take all* of their success, their earnings, and their notoriety, and turn it into a positive force for change on this planet. Once
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Harry Belafonte Visits the Dream Defenders

Posted July 29, 2013 by JoanMar

The Dream Defenders are in their 13th day of standing their ground in the offices of Gov. Rick Scott of Florida. They demand that he convenes a special session of the legislature to review the SYG law. Rick Scott has
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BeyondChron Takes Summer Break

Posted July 19, 2013 by

It’s been an unusually busy summer for news—immigration reform, CCSF, the BART strike, Trayvon Martin, the Keystone XL Pipeline to name just a few of the major stories—and our hard-working staff is taking a week off to recharge batteries for
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