The Best and the Worst of 2006

Posted December 19, 2006 by Paul Hogarth

As 2006 comes to an end, it’s time to look back and assess what happened – good and bad — on the political scene, and what it means for the future. For my last article before I leave on a
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Another Hungry and Homeless X-mas

Posted December 19, 2006 by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

silent night, holy night all is calm, all is bright round young homeless mother and child hungry infant so tender and mild sleep on America’s streets sleep on America’s streets Most Americans were probably too busy shopping until they dropped
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The Miracle of the (Veggie) Oil

Posted December 19, 2006 by Joe Eskenazi

The Remnants of a Vietnamese Dinner Power this Rabbi’s Car EDITOR’S NOTE: A shortened version of this story first appeared in J-Weekly The waning winter sun glints off Rabbi Daniel Isaacson’s dark glasses as he roars down the onramp to
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The Autobiography of Leroy Looper: Chapter 3

Posted December 18, 2006 by Leroy Looper

(Wherein the future Tenderloin leader describes his relationship with Malcolm X) America was a “shi_ hole” for blacks. Blacks were uneducated, jobless, and sick because they had been neglected by the powers that controlled America. Blacks were still thought of
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Blue Thoughts from a Red State: Corporations, The New Mob?

Posted December 18, 2006 by Jesse Zerger Nathan

Not since the days of the U.S. government’s assault on Standard Oil’s energy monopoly have corporations been so maligned. And, like Standard Oil’s insidious behavior almost one-hundred years ago, few feel sorry for these corporate king-pins. Not only do they
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