“49ers, Bolivia, Real Christmas”

“49ers, Bolivia, Real Christmas”

Posted December 21, 2005 by

Mr. Shaw, I happend upon your web quite by accident as I was searching for some information about Christmas spending. As I read the story, I was quite disturbed about the vileness and the biased attacks that were in Mr
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Mayor’s Office Again Urged to Convert 150 Otis to Housing

Posted December 20, 2005 by Casey Mills

The Surplus Property Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) again urged the Mayor’s Office of Housing yesterday to begin the process of turning 150 Otis Street into supportive housing for formerly homeless seniors. The vote represents a second attempt to spur the
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Bolivia: Dawn of a New Day in Latin America?

Posted December 20, 2005 by Rev. Norman Fong & Dell Olsen

The election of Evo Morales as president of Bolivia is one more step in a growing movement in South America away from U.S. economic and political domination of the region. Morales is the first indigenous person to be elected Bolivia’s
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The Real Christmas Story

Posted December 20, 2005 by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

If the truth were told about Christmas, there wouldn’t be much to celebrate. The fact is that December 25 is a day that many ancient civilizations marked as a time for excessive partying. The Egyptians worshipped the sun with a
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Trinity Plaza Rebuild Stalled By City Inaction

Posted December 19, 2005 by Randy Shaw

One year ago, an historic agreement was reached that protected existing tenants, saved rent-controlled housing, and ensured over 500 affordable units at the rebuilt Trinity Plaza Apartments. Everyone cheered the deal, and Planning Director Dean Macris pledged to avoid any
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Guest Editorial: Where is This Outrage?

Posted December 19, 2005 by Joe Blue

One of the main distinctions of this Administration at City Hall is that in 2004, there were 88 murders. This year, there has been 94. For the last ten years prior to this administration, we averaged 72 murders a year.
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Beyond Chron’s New Look

Posted December 19, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

Welcome to the re-designed Beyond Chron! We hope you will enjoy this new look and functionality as much as we do. Consider this is an early Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa present to our faithful readers, as we continue to bring your voices to
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