THC Picnic at SOMA Rec Center

Posted May 31, 2005 by

Tenderloin Housing Clinic held a tenant and staff picnic Friday at the SOMA Recreation Center. The picnic is believed to have been the first all-tenant picnic or large event held by a major supportive housing provider in San Francisco.The event,
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The Shattering of Progressive Unity

Posted May 31, 2005 by Randy Shaw

Four years ago, six new Supervisors joined incumbents Tom Ammiano and Mark Leno in creating a progressive Board majority. This majority quickly enacted land use reforms and new budget priorities, and won new limits on mayoral power. But today, the
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This Budget Season, Let the People Speak

Posted May 31, 2005 by Casey Mills

As politicians and the public gear up for the budget season, City Hall must work to ensure that everyone gets a real voice in the process. In past years, city officials have dominated hearings that drag on for hours and
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Futureman: ‘Drums Can Change Human Evolution’

Posted May 27, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

“There is an ancient, ancient myth that is very, very cool,” once revealed the musician-inventor-scientist-composer known as Futureman. For over ten years the eccentric percussionist has been touring with the jazz-bluegrass-fusion quartet Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.Born under the name
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Follow That Story: Treasure Island School Wins Breathing Room

Posted May 27, 2005 by James Tracy

Following two extraordinary mobilizations of parents, students and teachers the School Board decided to delay a vote on the possible closure of Treasure Island School until June 14th. Several compromises aimed at keeping the important neighborhood school have been proposed;
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